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Public Relations

PR encompasses an enormous range of services from copywriting and issuing press releases, to handling a crisis that threatens to bring down a brand or even an entire business.

Fortunately, most businesses never have to face severe crisis management, but the best have plans in place just in case. Our Leicestershire based PR Agency has experience in B2B and B2C sectors worldwide and Nicky Stephen is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Most of our public relations briefs are about press relations first and foremost – this might be in support of new product launches or building and maintaining awareness of brands, products and services. We have day to day contact with journalists covering home interest and b2b magazines, local, regional and national newspapers, television, radio and web. We understand what makes a good story and help our clients to put their message across in a way that is interesting to readers, viewers and listeners. The rise in importance of social media in PR strategy is something no company can afford to forget, we can advise on the strategic use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest with the emphasis on strategic rather than use for its own sake – ask us more …

We also work in internal communications and are involved with corporate social responsibility programmes. We can respond to a brief with a fully costed proposal aimed at getting the very best coverage for the client including press relations, sponsorship, competitions, newsletters, advertorials, networking and community relations.

We offer professional copywriting and copy editing services for internal and external documents, brochures and websites and we also do blogging for businesses. Whether you’re based in Leicester, the East Midlands, elsewhere in the UK, Europe or the United States, we’re happy to help.  Good public relations is not just writing a press release and issuing it, it’s knowing who you’re targeting and why – being strategic about the process.

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