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Tuscan food consortium

Nicky Stephen Marketing recently worked with a Tuscan food consortium and the Italian Chamber of Commerce to promote protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) Tuscan foods in the UK. The objective was to reach as many key food and cookery journalists as possible from the daily and Sunday newspapers, food and cookery magazines, radio, television and specialist UK based Italian magazines.  The consortium was looking upon it as an educational exercise so that the UK’s ‘experts’ gained knowledge of the PDO and PGI logos is and could taste the products.


There were three parts to the promotion:

  • a cookery school for journalists, run by renowned Tuscan chef Giancarlo Caldesi, demonstrating precisely how to use the foods
  • a seminar aimed primarily at the food trade, particularly high end independent food retailers and
  • a consumer element where consumers could taste the products at London delicatessens and restaurants and become familiar with the logos

The whole PR and food marketing project was a huge success achieving all the client’s objectives and significantly developing the consortium’s media relations.