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We ran a series of fund raising events for the Institute of Water Officers and Anglian Water, raising money for both WaterAid and Macmillan.

As part of the international exhibitors showcase at Las Vegas Market, Nicky Stephen Marketing worked on two Italian designer exhibits in consecutive years, Design Italiano and Italiano Classico. This event management involved liaison with the individual exhibitors, the sponsors and the organisers in Italy, plus the world’s furnishing industry press.

Nicky Stephen Marketing developed and arranged an offsite conference and team building event for the HR department of Anglian Water Group.  After a series of serious seminars in the morning, guests were invited to embrace the 1920’s theme and indulge in a murder mystery on board a steam train.  We provided costumes, our very own Hercule Poirot/Sherlock Holmes, scripts and lunch on board.

The brief was to create a Venetian masked ball in a small Leicestershire venue.  With a limited budget we hired backdrops, tables, candelabra, linen, chair covers and star lighting. Then we invested in the themed drinks and menu and projected an image of a Venetian mask behind the stage.  The guests all looked spectacular, embracing the creation of Piazza San Marco in Leicestershire.

Nicky Stephen Marketing established the international PR effort for what was a new furniture and furnishings exhibition Las Vegas Market.  Working with the company’s Vice President for International who was based in London, Nicky looked after the marketing and PR for all countries outside the US.  This included masterminding visits of selected members of the international press to Las Vegas. Journalists from the UK, France, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, China and Australia were all welcomed to Las Vegas.  In addition, Nicky Stephen Marketing worked on specialist international exhibits and ribbon cutting ceremonies.  This photograph is of the inaugural Las Vegas Market, when the Beach Boys put on a special show just for exhibitors and visitors to the Market – held in Fremont in downtown Las Vegas.

The online conference we produced and directed for Flamingo Paperie was a huge success, but why not let the delegates speak for themselves?

“What a super day! Thank you to everyone involved
facilitating the event!”
“Really enjoyed today!”
“Brilliant, thanks to all for organising”
“Really informative day, thank you!”
“Brilliant day, thank you to everyone involved”
“Always good to share ideas and find some inspiration!”
“Excellent, encouraging and inspiring”
“A fabulous day, felt like being back with family again to see
all those faces!”

“Absolutely brilliant!”

Following on from the hotel’s 75th anniversary celebrations, we developed a unique Christmas party theme for The Belmont, styling, art directing, photographing, designing and printing a series of materials for an authentic 1930s Christmas.


Nicky Stephen Marketing worked with a Tuscan food consortium and the Italian Chamber of Commerce to promote protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) Tuscan foods in the UK. The objective was to reach as many key food and cookery journalists as possible from the daily and Sunday newspapers, food and cookery magazines, radio, television and specialist UK based Italian magazines.  The consortium was looking upon it as an educational exercise so that the UK’s ‘experts’ gained knowledge of the PDO and PGI logos is and could taste the products.

There were three parts to the promotion:

  • a cookery school for journalists, run by renowned Tuscan chef Giancarlo Caldesi, demonstrating precisely how to use the foods
  • a seminar aimed primarily at the food trade, particularly high end independent food retailers and
  • a consumer element where consumers could taste the products at London delicatessens and restaurants and become familiar with the logos

The whole PR and food marketing project was a huge success achieving all the client’s objectives and significantly developing the consortium’s media relations.

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