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My Lifebook by Frank & Mabel is a fantastic resource – every family should have one!  A place where all the important information about your financial affairs and the running of your household can be stored.  We created the branding for Frank & Mabel, developed the graphic design for My Lifebook and built a website where it could be sold.

We worked with the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship to develop its branding and website.  It is a network for people and organisations involved in small business and entrepreneurship research, policy, education, support and advice, so its communications had to be clear, consise and fit for the future.

Working with an organic farm during Covid was fascinating.  Throughout the pandemic this lovely Leicestershire farm continued to supply farmers markets in London with delicious organic produce.  We developed their new branding, signage and website design to take them on the next step of their journey.

Advantage Mobility is a Nottingham-based CLIC whose business was severely affected by Covid-19, particularly as many of its customers needed to shield. Whilst they had a website, it was looking somewhat dated and there was no social media support to drive customers to it. We developed a marketing strategy to assist in raising the profile of the business, including a refreshed logo design, regular social media input, advice regarding photography and film, email marketing and developing a facebook shop to promote key products. This was a fixed period of support aligned with grant funding.  Subsequently we have undertaken photography and film and now run their google ads campaign.

Our new logo for free range geese supplier Seldom Seen Farm, is an evolution of a previous logo rather than a revolution. It works well reversed out as well as in its original black and gold on white format.

We developed the branding for new cider brand Cidentro in 2019 and launched the e-commerce website early in 2020. Cidentro is a unique cider produced from English apples grown near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. Produced to be enjoyed chilled, like a wine, Cidentro is receiving an excellent response as it develops in the market.

The website, shown here, includes our photography and film of the orchard.

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