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In conjunction with a major hairdressing products brand we created ads for glossy regional magazines for Simon Cawthorne.

We have worked with Vortice for over twelve years, helping them with their marketing strategy and marketing communications.  Over this period strategy for advertising has changed from large on the page advertisements to wholly digital ads, where response rates can be more easily measured.

Property Search specialist Richard Clowes is also a firm supporter of racing at Leicester Racecourse, so we created an advertisement for him for the racecard.

We have created a number of advertisements and case studies for Leicester and Leicestershire’s Business Gateway Growth Hub, including the examples shown here.


HAWL (Homeopathy at Wellie Level) promotes the use of homeopathy among farmers.  The advertising and print campaign was designed to raise awareness and to encourage farmers to learn more through training.  Advertisements were adjusted for the relevant markets.

Nicky Stephen Marketing worked on the marketing and PR  for World Market Center Las Vegas outside the US.  For the international advertising campaign, this meant taking the essence of creative generated for the American market and ensuring it works culturally in other countries.   This isn’t just as simple as translating the copy into several languages, which we do, but also ensuring that the words and images are appropriate for the market they are being used for.

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